Instructions for Use of Referral Code

  1. Candidates registering for Quiz Olympiad will get their Enrollment ID. The same Enrollment ID can be used as ‘Referral Code’ by the candidate who is participating in the Quiz Olympiad with reference.
  2. Registered candidates can use their respective Enrollment ID for actively participating their friends and related people at National and International levels.
  3. The referred Enrollment ID has to be used by new candidate (with Reference) and shall mention in Referral Code section while filling the Registration form.

Who are eligible for TERRE Olympiad exam?

  1. Students participating in the competition should be affiliated, registered or recognized by the State or Central education boards or any International board school or college.
  2. Students desirous of participating in the competition should, prior to participating be registered with us through our website or android application
  3. All participating students should have computer and Internet connectivity with a minimum speed of 512 KBPS (non-shared).
  4. Student can attend the exam using mobile phone with good data speed and secured Wi-Fi connection.
  5. For the online exam, each participant shall receive their individual registration ID to login individually.
  6. Each participating student should have his/her UID (Unique Identification Number or Aadhaar Number) to register for the exam with his/her UID code. If in case student does not have UID he/she can submit another authenticate ID proof (school ID with last Year Passing Certificate)
  7. Student should keep in mind that registration name should be the name on UID or other ID submitted by them.
  8. The top 500 scorers in each category (Sapling, Plant and Tree) from overall schools and colleges shall be eligible to participate in the final round of the contest.
  9. In the case of fake registration and multiple registration by same student for this competition, exam committee has the right to disqualify the student.
  10. The results of the final round shall be declared in the award ceremony only. Winners will have to attend the award ceremony.

Selection and Results

  1. There will be half an hour exam for both 1st and 2nd round.
  2. Total 50 MCQ level question will be there to solve in both round, students are require solving the exam in minimum time to get selected.
  3. Top Score Method: In the normal course, the participant with the higher score in shortest time span for the given exam track will be shortlisted for next level. However, in the event of two or more participants getting the same score, the one who completes the same in the shortest time will be given priority in selection.
  4. 500 top scorer selected through 1st round exam will be eligible to attend the 2nd round exam.
  5. In the 2nd round exam difficulty level of questions will be higher than the 1st round.
  6. The Decision of the Organizers in this regard shall be final and cannot be questioned.
  7. TERRE Olympiad managing committee may at their discretion at any stage change or include additional/ alternative test methods not previously disclosed for the TERRE Olympiad Online Exams at any or all levels. Participants may request for knowing latest selection criterion by sending a mail to
  8. The selection criteria of such tests will be announced prior to the date of examination for the applicable level.
  9. To ensure wider participation, TERRE Olympiad managing committee reserves an absolute and unquestionable right to restrict the number of entries per institute/ testing centre in the India finals. No enquiries or petitions in this regard will be entertained.
  10. The results of the final round shall be declared on the same day as the final contest at the award venue. Students along with their respective coordinators are expected to be present.

Technical Requirement

Technical Requirements for conducting online exams of TERRE Olympiad

To attempt the online exam for TERRE Olympiad Round 1 each student must have

  1. Access to a computer with internet connectivity which in addition must have a functioning keyboard and mouse.
  2. Computers / Laptops must have Internet connection of good speed (Minimum 512 KBPS dedicated) to appear for online exam.
  3. Students can attend the exam using mobile phone with prior internet connection.

Suggestions for Exam Centres and Schools

  1. All participating students should provide minimum speed of 512 KBPS (non-shared).
  2. Minimum bandwidth as mentioned must be maintained for the duration of the test and must not be contended. A bandwidth checker could be used though only as a guide since its result is no guarantee that suitable bandwidth will be available for the session.
  3. Schools and Colleges with lower number of computers compared to aspiring students could conduct the examination in batches thus giving a chance to all its students. Alternatively, or where the existing computers are not up to the desired levels, the school administration could conduct the proceedings of the examination at another location.
  4. After attending or finishing the exam student are suggested to download their online certificate and marksheet immediately for the future corresponds.
  5. Downloading link for marksheet and certificate will be available on the website exam portal.
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