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About TERRE Olympiad

A learning platform to enhance Environmental awareness to save the Earth for future Sustainability

TERRE Olympiad is an initiative of TERRE Policy Centre to make our youth empathetic towards environment. This will encourage and inspire the youth to get closer towards our natural surrounding and to become a future ambassador of our environment.

TERRE Olympiad aims to test student’s intelligence, knowledge and awareness in Environment, Forest, Biodiversity, Wildlife and Climate change.

This quiz competition will provide a unique and exciting platform for students to be more aware, as they are preparing themselves to become future manager. It also helps bring the future generation closer to the nature.

Why TERRE Olympiad…??

Terre Olympiad is an outstanding platform for students to be Earth’s Green ambassador in future.

Our world is facing calamities such as prolonged droughts and heatwaves, extreme rainfall, intense forest firesetc. which are enhanced by human-induced GHG emissions and are affecting the natural habitat. For the survival and sustainable development of humans and the ecosystem, scientist and environmentalist are putting their utmost efforts to make our world a better place. But it is also a person’s responsibility to maintain their surrounding environment with self-discipline and sustainable lifestyle which can lead them to live a happy and healthy life. However, this task won’t be possible without having environmental literacy which is why now a day’s environmental studies are of extremeimportance. We, at TERRE, share the same vision and this Olympiad is our contribution in spreading environmental awareness among the young ones.

Terre Olympiad is an outstanding platform for young students which will encourage them to pursueenvironmental studies. The rewards, also, for their achievements will inspire them togo beyond the conventional career paths and reachthe depths ofenvironmental sciences, related issues,andthe possible solution.